Our History

KayDee Dawson

In 2013, the seed was planted for Radiant Lux Extension, when my curiosity lead me on a journey to understand what gave raw hair its distinction and which best suited my standards. I researched the options to identify and differentiate the best quality and the most versatile in hair selection. Excited in my discoveries, in 2015 I began to share my new found treasure with a few friends and co-workers. Amongst this circle, my confidant Karma Ellis, advised me to begin an entrepreneurial trade in selling these extensions as a product. As a result, I initiated an inner circle experience where a few friends and associates installed the extensions on different occasions within a time span of a year.

During this testing period, the hair was installed for intervals of at least 6 weeks. In those 6 weeks, a stylist was visited at least 3 times and we fried, dyed and laid the hair to the side. We were amazed that the quality of the product allowed us to maintain the hair with frequent salon visits for and beyond a year. Its versatility allowed for wig application which highlights its longevity with active use through present day. Due to its quality and versatility, the stylists who were exposed to the product were impressed enough to initiate customer referrals before the product testing stage was complete.

Upon such positive feedback and fanfare from the participants and stylist a dream was realized. With enthusiasm, confidence, and proven satisfaction, I present Radiant Lux Extensions to the world.